Since 1995, Parafarm the company, Russian producer, is an active player at the pharmaceutical market. It has proved itself to be a reliable and fast-pace growing company holding one of the leading positions on development, introduction, production and distribution of the Biologically Active Dietary Supplements (DFS) to food products, the phytotea, the vegetable standardized extracts and the cosmetic products.Company’s mission is population’s health support and life quality improvement by the way of development and introduction of preparations of new generation.

Company’s concept:

Quality products manufacturing based on the modern persuasive data on ingredients’ effectiveness and safety

Constant follow-up of  new achievements in the population’s health maintenance area

The Parafarm’s scientific activities are connected with the development of modern, high-performance natural products based on the synthesis of the folk medicine richest experience and the latest achievements of the science dealing withthe health. The leading domestic and foreign scientists take part in the company’s new preparations development.

On company’s activities

Within the first years of the company’s activities, a great attention was paid to development and production of preparations enhancing body’s adaptation capacities. The work was conducted with the participation of I I Brechman, academician, student of the eminent scientist N V Lazarev, who discovered the state of bodily non-specific increased resistance.

It was one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the previous century having beensignificant for both medicine and science in general.

For many years successfully, Parafarm worked in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of drug plants. The joint work results were reported in international conferences and published in leading scientific issuances. Parafarm is one of the first companies participating in the space exploration program with its investigations in the area of use of the Biologically Active Dietary Supplements in conditions of cosmic space.

The first work was conducted in Earthen conditions with taking spaceflight factors
into account. The subsequent work was connected with a replenishment of the first aid kit.  The main aim was as follows: apart from the mandatory components of the “first aid kit”, among them, the company recommended having natural remedies being biologically affined and easily recognizable by a human body.In the company’s brand portfolio, there are about 100 kinds of the Biologically Active Dietary Supplements performed in various forms of production: tablets, coatings, syrups, phytotea, beauty aids, etc. Constantly, the assortment increases due to innovational DFS with an evident clinical effectiveness.

Parafarm is a constant participant of exhibitions and conferences.It is the collective member of the International Academy of authors of scientific discoveries and inventions.Parafarm has got more than 20 Russian and foreign rewards and regularly, it takes part in events devoted to human health maintenance.

Parafarm produces both single DFS and DFS-complexes. It develops target-oriented programs of diverse directivity: workers’ health protection, weight reduction, improvement of sport results, programs for men, etc. It develops lines ofPLBs (private label brands) for drugstore networks and major distributors.

Parafarm’spolicy is aimed at providing of population’s wide circles with the best-quality DFS in reasonable prices.Parafarm’s BADs are registered in many countries of the world including CIS countries.Today’s Parafarm is the modern scientific base with a highly competent department on BADs registration. Parafarm well-equipped manufacturing plant named of its own named “VITAMER” ltd. The latter meets all the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007 ( ISO 2200-2ОО5). Also, the certificate HASSP has been obtained.